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Performing arts with a purpose
Lyric Performing Arts Academy Presents:
Annie! The Reality Show
When a rapper (Keiko Bey) and reality tv producer (Jedah-Simone Simon) team up to produce a Broadway musical of "Annie!", they realize the casting and rehearsal process could be a separate show of its own. Thus "Annie! the Reality Show" is born. Hilarity ensues when real orphans (Saije Awoyefa, CieArra Gibson-Mathis, Sumayyah Green, and Inez Lumpkins) are cast to make the production "more realistic". Ms. Hannigan (Le 'Driena Harris) keeps the laughs coming with her ulterior motives and the unwilling assistance of her twin sisters (Jessica Vallan and Heaven Bachand). In spite of it all, Grace (Sydney Ikehara) manages to keep everything together as the group of Annie hopefuls (LPAA and Northern Light students) keeps "Annie! the Reality Show" studio audiences thoroughly entertained with classic and remixed arrangements of songs from "Annie!"
True to Lyric Performing Art Academy's belief in performing arts with a purpose, this production of "Annie! the Reality Show" has a social justice theme and content to teach young people how to critically analyze what they see on television. As the show unflods, the characters eventually learn that indeed, there are more important things in their community, and the world, than reality T.V.
Written, directed and arranged by LPAA CEO Taiwo Kujichagulia-Seitu, this musical comedy is a treat for kids of all ages! Be sure to purchase your tickets today!
Upcoming Show Dates and Times:
Saturday June 27th at 2pm
Live Oak Theatre
1301 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94709


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