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Are You Looking for Summer Programming?

Do you have a summer program, school or community center that needs a variety of performing arts class offerings for the summer, fall, and/or winter? Our instructors will travel to you to teach multiple styles of dance, theater, and put on a performance within a specified time frame. We also put on performances on various topics, for all types of audiences. Whether you want to learn the performing arts or put on an event where you are looking for live entertainment, you have come to the right place.


LPAA Purpose


Lyric Performing Arts Academy (LPAA) is a faith based performing arts organization and production company guided by the three principles of inspiration, education and service. We believe in performing arts with a purpose. As such, we teach the performing arts, to students of all ages, as a tool of liberation. The performing arts are our weapon of choice. Thus, in addition to performing professionally, we also offer non-arts specific educational, healing and well being workshops, trainings, and lecture demonstrations to outside groups and organizations.
Why do we do so many things? Because as human beings who are also educators, we acknowledge that we are not one dimensional. We are the sum total of our experiences. Thus, everything that we have experienced, either positive or negative, that we have had the opportunity to learn and/or grow from, we pay forward by teaching others.

We Also Offer …


Educational Performances and Productions

We believe the arts are the perfect vehicle to educate the masses. Many people who do not read a book, will go and see a show. As such, we do our teaching in an entertaining and exciting way: on the stage! Our historical and social justice themed productions include live music, dancing and acting (by talented professionals) who make audiences cry, laugh, think, and come away from each performance having learned something.


Lecture Demonstrations

What would you like to know more about? World history? Black history? Jazz Music? Negro Spirituals? Healthy eating? Healthy weight loss? We got you! Our staff is comprised of artist educators, who are also historians, activists and certified life coaches. We don't just talk at you about all of these subjects, we interact with you in an educationally, engaging and supportive environment.    

Healing Conferences

As a women owned business who works with many women and girls one recurring theme we have repeatedly seen is that many of us are Survivors of abuse and/or sexual assault. Unfortunately, many Survivors get stuck in their pain. So, we began a ministry, which offers healing conferences to help Survivors turn their trauma into triumph, allowing them to grow beyond their pain into who God created them to be.


Racism Eradication Workshops

Why? Because racism literally affects every area of society and every aspect of our lives. Since racism is explicitly taught and subconsciously learned, it can be consciously and explicitly un-taught, and un-learned. We give people concrete tools they need to begin that process immediately, beginning with naming the problem. The problem is not race. It is not inequality, nor is it a lack of equity. The problem is racism. Let's eliminate the problem.

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